The Superhero Inside of Us All

Driving Impact Through Nonprofit Organizations

They say it is the smallest acts of kindness that go the furthest. For some of us, kindness is in our blood. We wouldn’t miss taking the opportunity each day to make someone smile or to help someone in need.

There is no denying that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from helping others. Even when it’s something as simple as holding a door, sharing a smile, or giving someone you love a hug.

Now imagine for a moment that making someone smile was your career. Everyday you go out there to save the day with smiles, love and kindness. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

For Josh Aryeh, Founder of Smiles Through Cars, and countless others around the world, filling the world with kindness is simply their full-time job.

Answering the call to help those in need

For Josh Aryeh, Smiles Through Cars was not something he chose, but a calling.

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One morning, Josh received word of a little girl who was currently undergoing treatment for cancer. The process had been extremely hard on her family and it was taking a devastating toll on the girl’s spirit. Josh knew that he needed to do something to help.

An exotic car enthusiast, he had an idea. Josh hopped in a sports car he borrowed from a family member and buckled up for what – little did he know – would become the ride of a lifetime.

Josh drove to the little girl’s home to surprise her and her mom. Her mother could not believe her eyes and the girl couldn’t be more excited. After a little joy ride – an escape – when Josh was getting ready to leave, her mother hugged him thanked him for putting a smile on her daughter’s face.

Where most parents take each smile for granted, this mother had not seen one on her daughter in years! That girl and her mom ignited something in Josh that day.

Josh found his calling and he was ready to answer it. Now, over ten years later, Smiles Through Cars have completed more than 30,000 visits, organized thousands of volunteers and donated millions to families in need. And they’re just getting started driving smiles to those in need.

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Do you need a nonprofit to make a difference?

Simple answer? No. Kindness is free. You do not need a license, tax-exempt status or specific educational background to spread love.

For Josh and countless others, spreading kindness is just who they are and where their journey started. So while you don’t need a nonprofit to bring kindness to the world, a nonprofit organization (NPO) allows people like Josh and his team to involve others in their mission in order to create impact at scale.

A nonprofit enables you to gain the support of people – volunteers, donors, communities, etc. – and corporations to drive your mission forward.

Why get started with a nonprofit organization

Have you ever felt a little like Josh Aryeh did the moment he heard that little girl’s story? You know, the feeling like you have an inner superhero just bursting at the seams, ready to make positive change.

There are many ways to don that cape and make a difference each day. For some, getting involved with a nonprofit organization with a mission that they are passionate about helps them recognize their inner hero.

How can you suit up?

  • Find a charity or cause that means something to you. It can have a personal tie or allow you to make an impact in your community.
  • Donate money or goods to support that cause.
  • Volunteer your time or skills.
  • Participate on a board or planning committee to organize events and fundraising campaigns.
  • Start your own initiative or nonprofit.

Each year thousands of people take small moments of inspiration and take the leap to suit up full-time.

How can I get involved with Smiles Through Cars?

Since 2008, Smiles Through Cars and our growing team of superheroes has been on a mission to change the world, one smile at a time. And we’re continuing day-in and day-out to spread kindness from one community to another.

Here are a few ways to get involved in spreading smiles:

  • Donate – every dollar helps us help others.
  • Volunteer – embrace your inner superhero and use it to inspire those who need it most.
  • Refer a Smile – nominate someone for a visit from our fleet of supercars and superheroes.
  • Connect with our community of heroes on Instagram and Facebook.

Together, we can drive more smiles.