Memorial For Junior, Aspiring NYPD Police Officer

Bronx, NY Bronx, NY

1 year ago the Bronx community suffered the unexpected loss of a very special child named Junior.

Junior aspired to become an NYPD police officer, and despite being only 15 years old, he spent much of his free time volunteering in the NYPD Cadets program. Last year, Junior was at the local convenience store when a group of gang members mistakenly thought he was someone else and stabbed him multiple times with a machete. Junior ran to St Barnabas hospital to fight for his life but he, unfortunately, succumbed to his injuries and passed away shortly thereafter.

The community marked the first anniversary of Junior’s passing with a memorial that included several events geared toward his lasting legacy, including the fight against senseless violence.

We have had the privilege to meet Junior’s Mother, sister, and father on several occasions over the past few weeks and their courage and commitment to helping reshape the community is truly such an inspiration.